QL Induction Lighting System

55, 85, 165 Watt Systems

Electrodeless technology offers an amazing 100,000 hours rated life.

  • Ultra Long Life

    -100,000 hours rated life

    -Virtually maintenance free

  • Crisp White Light

    -80+ CRI

    -Choice of color temperature

  • No Color Shift
  • High Reliability-Instant Hot and Cold (Re)start
  • Operates in Hot and Cold Temperatures

    -Amalgam control

  • Low EMI Complies with FCC Non-Consumer Limits
  • High Lumen Output

    -Up to 12,000 lumens

    -Traditional lamp design

Ideal for...

  • Decorative street lighting
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Hazardous areas
  • Freezers
  • Hard-to-reach applications

For More Information

QL Induction Technical Data Guide PDF