A Service Life of up to 25 Years

On a 10-hour daily cycle, an ICETRON™ system should provide up to 25 years of service. In full time service, the same system should last up to 11 and a half years. This long service life is a big benefit in applications where fixtures are hard to reach or where reliable, continuous, illumination is required for safety reasons. And ICETRON™ systems offers much more than long service life: with high CRI, excellent color stability, high efficacy and superior lumen maintenance, ICETRON™ systems are a long life alternative to HID systems.

Excellent Energy Efficiency

These remarkable lamps produce up to 75 lumens of light for each watt of energy. This 75 LPW efficacy makes ICETRON™ as energy efficient as high CRI metal halide systems.

High CRI & Color Consistency

ICETRON™ lamps have a CRI of 80 and are available in two color temperatures -3500K and 4100K. They exhibit minimal color shift over their extended service life.

Instant On / Instant Restrike

Unlike HID systems, ICETRON™ systems are instant in, so there is no warm up period to full light output. Similarly, there is no cool down period before restrike.

High Lumen Output

ICETRON™ systems have an extremely high lumen output - more than twice that of 59W 8-foot T8 fluorescent system and equal to that of a 150Wm metal halide system.

How It Works

Incandescent lamps have filaments which gradually lose material and eventually break. Fluorescent and HID lamps rely on electrodes to excite a gas to produce light, and these electrodes decay over time, causing the lamp to fail. SYLVANIA ICETRON™ electronic ballasts magnetically induce and electric field to create a current which circulates inside the lamp and excites the phosphor to produce light in the same manner as a standard fluorescent lamp. Since there are no electrodes, there's essentially nothing in the lamp to wear out.

For More Information

Icetron Lamp System Overview PDF